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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome!  Whether you are new to ice skating or have been with us for years, we hope that the following information is helpful to you.



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What type of skates should I buy?



What should I wear to classes?
It is necessary to stay warm out on the ice otherwise your skater will not enjoy his/her time skating.  We want them to have fun and be comfortable so wear warm clothes! 
For the very young skater we suggest a warm jacket and snowpants.  This will also provide some padding against bumps and bruises.  Gloves or mittens are essential as it is normal for youngsters to spend time on their hands and knees as they learn.  While not a requirement, a safety helmet is also a good idea (a lightweight bicycle helmet or a hockey helmet works well).
Many skaters find that bottoms of a stretch type material are most comfortable.  There are figure skating pants available at pro-shops that are specifically designed for the figure skater, including fleece lined skating pants for extra warmth.
The older skaters will decide as time goes on what type of clothing is the warmest while still allowing them to move freely. 


What should I wear to competitions?
Competitions are a special time to exhibit what you have learned in your practice sessions and have some fun... but how should you dress?
  • Outfit - Competitions are your time to shine and to wear your special ice skating dress or outfit.  It is best to choose an outfit that is flattering to your body type, age appropriate and compliments your music choice.  Keep in mind that outfits with long sleeves will be warmer and also allow the judges to see your arm movements better.

  • Hair - Most skaters choose to wear their hair up in a bun or in a ponytail.  There is no set rule on hairstyles but whichever style you choose... neatness is key.  It is suggested that your hairstyle be simple and elegant so that you do not distract the judges eye from your skating.

  • Tights - Keep a separate pair(s) of skating tights just for competitions.  The style can be footed, over-the-boot or ankle length.  Main importance is that there are no holes in the tights.  Judges want a clean non-distracting line to your skate. 




How do I advance levels and what are test sessions?
Bemidji Figure Skating Club will generally test Basic Skills skaters once or twice during their normal skating practice sessions.  The coach will ask the skater to demonstrate a certain move within their current test level and the skater will be given a score on how well it was executed.  At the end of the test session the coach will give each skater a score sheet that shows each move they were tested on and what mark they received for each move.  At that time the coach will specify whether or not the skater is to move on to the next Basic Skill level. 
What is Basic Skills Practice Ice?
BFSC offers practice ice to Basic Skills skaters for additional purchase.  This is a 30 minute session before their normal figure skating lessons, or after for those having early lesson.  During this practice ice session the skaters are able to work on moves that need improvement or that they are trying to master.  This is an excellent opportunity to practice what the coach is teaching during your normal lesson time at the skater's own pace.  The more a skater has access to ice the faster they will advance.
Basic Skills/Learn to Skate, students can also use this time to work with a private coach.  Please see our coaches page for more information on who is available to give private lessons.
What are Private Lessons and When Should a Skater Start Private Lessons?
Private lessons are an opportunity for a skater to work one on one with a coach.  For Basic Skills students these are usually done during the practice ice sessions.  Private lessons are generally in 15 minute increments but can vary dependent upon the coaches availability. 
Basic Skills skaters are eligible to take private lessons while in any level of Basic Skills.  Most skaters start to show interest in private lessons once they have realized their love for skating and want to progress through their Basic Skills levels more quickly.  Private coaches are also an great opportunity for a student to utilize if there is a particular move(s) that they need extra help mastering. 
If the skater is interested in enrolling and competing in competitions a private coach will help the skater choose their music if needed and often help choreograph their skating program. 
Please visit our coaches for a listing of available coaches. 
Figure Skate Blade Sharpening
Laura Buchholz offers blade sharpening for both figure skates and hockey skates.  There is a drop off bin at the registration table.  After dropping your skates off, call or text Laura to set up a pick-up day.  Laura's contact information is: 218-766-4172 or